Anna Malaika Tubbs


Chief Advancement Officer

Dr. Anna Malaika Tubbs is a multidisciplinary expert on current and historical understandings of race, gender, and equity. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University with a BA in anthropology, Anna earned her MA in gender studies and her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Cambridge as a Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge Scholar. She is the author of the NYT Bestselling book The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation.

Anna is passionate about telling stories that others have tried to bury and erase, she uses these to advance social justice and bring more people into the work. As the Chief Advancement Officer at ReImagine Freedom she shares the story of our organization with a wide audience and invites supporters from all different backgrounds to play their role in helping us to achieve the goals of the Freedom Charter.